If you see some merit in my background and experience, why don’t you contact me for your next project? Here are some of the things that I can help you out with:

Instructional Designing

Script Writing

Ghost Writing

Developmental Editing

Training Need Analysis

Training Module Development

Book Reviews

Content Updation for Old Books

Evaluation of Examination Sheets

Curriculum Designing

Knowledge Management

Much More

Wait a minute! Education, particularly e-learning, and technology are my areas of interest. If you belong to any of these domains, you already have an edge over the others. Looking forward to working with you…

Why Me?

Need somebody reliable who can work according to your specifications and deliver on time? Well, I am here to help.

Not convinced yet? Here are some of the freebies that would come with my services:


Your content, especially confidential information, would be 100% safe with me. I never – I repeat ‘never’ – share information of one client with another.

Reliable Services

When I commit to something, I deliver. No excuses later on!

Not Just About Money

I do not charge on a per word or per hour basis. I charge for the project as a whole and its success, irrespective of the number of words or the hours it takes, is my ultimate goal.


I expect quality in the services delivered to me, and I deliver quality in my services. Simple!


Well, why don’t you just look at this website content? Need I say more?

100% Original Content

In spite of being a part of an industry marred by plagiarism, I can vouch that what I write will be 100% original.

Going the Extra Mile

I never hesitate to travel an extra mile for my clients if that helps in completing a project successfully.

Holistic Picture

I look at the holistic picture of a project and then work towards it.

Long-Term Perspective

I always strive for a long-term association with my clients.

I can continue blowing my own trumpet, but let me leave some skill-sets for you to discover when I work with you. Nice idea, isn’t it?