Is death enough for Kasab?

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May 08, 2010

Almost a year and a half after the 26/11 attacks, Ajmal Amir Kasab - the lone terrorist who was captured alive - was given death sentence. The government and the judiciary are ecstatic at their achievement in delivering justice so fast. But, is this enough?

Kasab was a terrorist who came to Mumbai to attack and die, if the need arose. Such a person is not afraid of death. Then, how can death be considered as a punishment for him? Moreover, the quantum or the duration of the pain that he shall experience will be nothing compared to those of the victims. The lives of families of those who died in the attack shall never be the same again. There are numerous people who have got crippled due to the bullet attacks. What about the emotional scars? They are too deep rooted to measure. What did Kasab get in return? VIP treatment, nutritious food, secured shelter and a punishment that is too little by his standards. Whenever he gets hanged, he shall be in pain for a few minutes after which he shall die. He shall be free of all the pain and worries thereafter. There may be an emotional trauma for him till then, as was evident by his emotional reaction at the time of pronouncement of the judgement but, that too would not last very long.

In my opinion, such people should be made to live a life devoid of any physical or social or emotional comforts. Kasab should be ostracised from the society and made to live alone in a small cell devoid of any means of entertainment. Moreover, he should be made to toil hard within the confines of the prison and do work that shall be of good to the common man.

I wish I could suggest even more extreme measures but that may be taking things too far. The basic idea is to make him live a life similar to what he has forced many to live like. He should also be shown constant videos of the human sufferings that his actions have caused. May be this makes him realise his mistake and the reason for his plight.

I know many people would be appalled at my suggestions and there may be a backlash against my inhumane approach but, this is what I think would be justice. This is what he deserves. It is things like these that may deter some people from becoming terrorists. Death is nothing big for them.

Human activists may say that no person is born a terrorist. It is the circumstances that make him one. Thus, he should be treated like a human and be given a chance to improve. A valid point but, Kasab's actions are beyond forgiveness. One terrorist breeds another. He was made a terrorist by another terrorist, who would have obviously been born as an innocent child. This way nobody should be punished and everyone should be given a second chance. But, here again, I beg to differ. These people are so brainwashed that nothing else matters to them. No advice, no counselling etc shall work for them till they are made to experience the other side of their actions. Thus, my extreme suggestions.

Some people may argue that an eye for an eye strategy shall lead to more terrorist attacks. But, this shall happen in any case! At least one of them should suffer on behalf of their community and should be put to some good use for our civil society. Moreover, even if Kasab is punished, it shall not be enough. Punishment for one person in return for hundreds of people that were killed or harmed? The math may not be correct but, Kasab's suffering shall be the beginning and a warning signal to the other terrorists.

Before concluding, I would also like to add that my suggestions are a complete contrast to the picture used for my blog. It is that of a dove, which is a symbol of peace. The reason for this is that the time has come for us to take extreme steps so that there may be some hope of peace in the long term. If not anything else, then at least some mental peace to the victims and the public at large that yes, he is being punished the way many of us are every day, every minute and every second of our lives.


Yes, Kasab deserves something extreme compared to what he has made many people to suffer through. Yes the blog I guess will really affect the people who talk in support of him. I really don't understand that what he got by doing this blood shatter, infact this has created more gaps in relation between Pak and India. I wish I was the one who had the decision in my hand of his death I wont allow him to live for a single minute more, but right now I am helpless just being a child of 13 years!!

Shalaka Patil, Nasik


Very well written blog. I agree with the bloggers view especially "I know many people would be appalled at my suggestions and there may be a backlash against my inhumane approach but, this is what I think would be justice."

Bharat, Bangalore


Answer to Bharat.

After reading your views I came to know that you know nothing. If you somehow know the truth you will not talk like this. Go and tell Jogmohan(governer at that time)who loaded kashmiri pandiths in army trucks out of valley.who kill 113000 inocent kashmiri muslims .who kill kashmiri sikhs in Anantnag. You peoples are talking lot on 26/11. When asked about Kashmir you people shut your mouth. Everyone in your parliment is Kasab and you are looking them in Pakistan.

Salman Khan, Srinagar


Terrific comments by Qasim - Ghaziabad. I echo your comments and feel exactly the same way.

Bharat, Bharat


Our treatment of Kasab is symptomatic of our treatment of terrorism in particular, and our overall approach to life in general. The Americans look for quick fix solutions - so if their financial systems crash, they just bail the banks out, and when their troops fail to fix a country, they send more troops. As we look up to the Americans and give careful consideration to the global superpower's opinion of us, no wonder we spend a lot of time debating what is to be done with Kasab, and considerably little time with the disease underlying that symptom.

Sometimes, looking at the big picture helps, but as they say,devil is in the details. We know where and how the likes of Kasab are produced, and how gullible youths like Kasab are brainwashed by some fanatics across the border, who are financed by petro dollars from the middle east. We also know there are no good taliban, and the frankenstein monster that Pakistan created is destroying their own people. In that respect, we are a little better than the global superpower, because they still 'pretend' to not know any of this. Yet, we are afraid to act even when 26/11 offered us a rare opportunity, because the us tells us so, even though they won't mind sending their own drones in as and when they feel it is needed. The Kasab problem has a millitary solution - that requires hot pursuit and targeted killings when the guilt has been proven beyond doubt. I am not arguing to become another Israel, but you do need to show you mean business, once in a while. And more importantly, it has an ideological solution, which is about countering the ideology of hate which produces such terrorists. To even put such options on the table requires real leaders, but we are led by little men who lack the stature of Nehru and the resolve of Indira. (As a matter of fact, I am not a fan of either, but in relative terms they were far better than the current crop, and much more independent when it came to foreign policy).

I don't think Kasab is or was a hardened terrorist who would not be afflicted with the fear of a death he has to wait for. It should be plain and obvious to him and anyone else who believes in a just God and an afterlife that only the lowest echelons of hell could be his abode. He deserves a million deaths, unequivocally and without mercy. But we could hang a hundred Kasabs and would still have a few more to deal with, if we continue to deal with terrorism the way we do.

Qasim, Ghaziabad


Mansoor Nizami - Hyderabad:

1. Oh, so if some people demolish babri masjid, it gives a free hand to all muslims to kill all non muslims across India? What did people from Mumbai have to do with babri? You are justifying the killing of thousands of innocents in Mumbai.

2. That report has been debunked and thrown out by the court. And for your own sake, stop believing in and propagating nonsensical conspiracy theories. Decent Indians will not forget the genocide of millions of innocent in Bangladesh, Pakistan and in India.

3. Well, good for you. Though I was looking an answer from the person whom it was addressed to.

If you are sincere about what you say, it is responsibility of good human beings to ensure that people do not kill innocent people in the name of your faith.

However, from your point # 1, it appears you are justifying the killing of thousands of innocents in Mumbai.

Vande mataram. Jai hind.

Bharat, Bharat


Bharat response of your points for...Sara Khan

Your point # 1. Mumbai riots in retaliation of muslims attack on hindus: Did you ask yourself before you write, why? Because demolition of babri masjid for which millions of hindus gathered doing uncivilized acts, yelling against muslims and does uncivilized demolition backed by bjp and all major hindu groups, have you not seen the video.

Your point # 2. Gujrat riots: If you have read the final report of wagon burnt with 57 passengers it was not by muslims the doors were locked from outside, it was political and planned subject created to kill muslims in gujarat, it is a proved fact, moreover the riots of Gujarat cannot be forgotten till qayamat.

Your point # 3. Yes, we muslim do condemn the pune blast not only that, but all the sinners who claim to be doing jihad and killing innocent people.

I request you do not quote the terrorist acts and fix them on Indian muslims, we muslims condemn terrorist as you all hindus. When it comes to our nation we stand shoulder to shoulder to save our india at the cost of our lives when and as required.

Mansoor Nizami, Hyderabad


I fully agree with Sara and Nazim... This judgement only tells muslims that Indian law is not for muslims. It is only to protect non muslims. As per Islam, Kasab does deserve death as killing innocents is a great sin in Islam. However, the terrrorist who killed innocents muslims in 92 are roamingly freely, terrorist who killed innocent muslims in 2002 ghodra riots are roaming freely.....This invokes jihad against these Gujarath and Mumbai

Ajaz Kashmir, Kashmir


What kind of punishment is kasab getting here? Death sentence. Very bad . He should be treated like a animal. Made to live in inhospitable conditions. He should be put alone , he should be able to see people moving outside happily talking , eating and sharing everything. He cannot talk nor come outside to talk with someone. He should not die. I want to see him suffer , repent for his attitude till his death. The policemen should abuse him , give him maa-bhen-pakistan ki ghaali every day , torture him with words , he should not be allowed to sleep more than 2 hrs per day , with constant work enough to break his back , very less food ( preferably animal fodder ) , unclean water , sleep around with mattresses filled with animal faeces and journals where Pakistani atrocities , stories of our innocent victims in Akshardam , Mumbai , bomb blasts should be shown. No permission to follow his religion , no privileges , nothing .. Whatever he earns from the hard work should go to the victims whom he slaughtered. No appeal , sirf jungle raj..Each and every fucking terrorist should know that this is the fate that he will get if he wages war against my mother ( Bharatmata ).

Arun, Bombay


What about mass murderer I mean Modi? What we wanted for Kasab is got. Honorable court delivered the justice to victims. Modi, Afjal and Kasab need to be hanged !Where is the court on Modi



Very unfortunate that people in the country is still divided about religion we forget one very important thing that religion did not make human beings but we fools created religion and one day it will destroy all of us unless we get united unfortunately certain sections of the society so called minority does not believe in humanity.

We talk about Shiv Sena and other organisation these people have nothing to do with Hindu religion they are people who want to make money in the name of Hindu relegion.

And our minorities are no better i have been born in a minority locality lived for 25 years and i know very well what minority children are taught in the name of religion.

There are very few educated people who know how to use their head and for the rest the indian politician will take advantage of us in the name of religion and we can fight for ever while they become richer every moment.

Ripper, Kolkata


I still feels the Kasab death verdict is incomplete because the people behind that inhuman act of killing innocent people are free and may be commenting on this verdict that see how poor people we Indians are, just killing one person against killing over 200. I don't know how but, we need to send a clear message to the world including Pakistan who sent this team that this is our revenge and we won't tolerate anymore. Please govt. of india we all the entire nation are one on this issue. We must find out the master mind behind Kasab and bring them in front of the world. I too agree that we should look forward and make good relations but not on the lives we lost due to Kasab, we should act accordingly.

Mansoor Nizami, Hyderabad


We should hand over Kasab to the UAE Sheikh to finish him off. Arabs are just animals in human form and can be controlled only by Islam and their Sharia rule book. The son of UAE President is very fond of torturing their Paki muslim brothers. Such torturing video can be seen in the website given below. Sheikh Issa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan will mercilessly torture Pakis with whips, electric cattle prods and wooden planks with protruding nails. Sheikh Issa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan will be helped by the UAE policemen to tie Kasab's arms and legs, and will hold him down to allow the Sheikh pour salt on the man's wound. In the final stage which will take around 45 minutes, the Sheikh will drive his Mercedes SUV over his favourite Paki Kasab.,

N.Krishna, USA


Death may be enough for Kasab.

But the real question - has the government done enough to ensure the security of its citizens?

After 26/11, we halted all talks with Pakistan and kept all options open.

However, to date, we have not invoked any option except sending dossier after dossier. In return, Pakistan has made a mockery out of this process. They have not progressed meaningfully on the trial of Lakhvi and others. On the other hand, they have given a clean chit to Saeed Hafiz.

Additionally, Indian government is now entertaining the notion of re-starting the talks with Pakistan even the Pakistani establishment has made no efforts to dismantle its terror factories and punish the perpetrators.

And now, since we've warmed up, Pakistan is back to its old tricks and reportedly, 140 Al-qaeda men have infiltrated into India. So much for security of Indians by the Indian government.

I see some commentators on here promoting their Islamic agenda.

I am taking the opportunity to answer them.

Sara khan - Bombay:

1. Mumbai riots - began by muslims attacking hindus. and then, hindus retaliated. and then, muslims retaliated by blasting the stock exchange and 5 other locations. Isn't that an act of terrorism?

2. Gujarat riots - again, a retaliation when a muslim mob burnt a train wagon carrying 57 passengers. These passengers were innocent civilians. and then, there was a retaliation by hindus.

3. I fully condemn mecca masjid blast, ajmer blast and malegaon blast. Do you condemn the pune blasts?

John - Pune:

What a perfect way to do propaganda and further your agenda, isn't it? And while you're at it, you've actually begun justifying Kasab`s acts. Good patriotism. Forgot the genocide of 2.4 million hindus by the Pakistani army in Bangladesh?

Salman Khan - Srinagar:

Remember the killing / diaspora of around 500000 Kashmiri pandits from Kashmir? Who was behind it? Do you condemn the terrorists who were behind that?

Bharat, Bharat


We people are unfortunate/unlucky two ways. The first that we have not stronger punishment measure than death penalty. Secondly we have impotent and psudosecular politicians who can not have courage to implement death penalty for Afzal Guru and Kasab like traitors. The real terrorist are our so called seculars and intelectuals who can not think beyond vote bank and psudo vah vah. God save mera bharat.

Navinchandra Dave, Bharuch Gujarat


At last the culprit get the death sentence. Those who lost there in this incident there relatives and friends got relife but still the culprit is alive till he hang to death. But i really didnt understand that our brothers and sister cant talk about the Bombay roits, Gujrat roits or Mecca masjid blast or Melegaon blast. Why indians are double standard? When it comes to Dawood Ibrahim they want him to brought to justice when it come to Rajan they are cold breath? No is above the law. A cirminal is a cirminal. Ask justice Sri Krishna who send many yrs to investigate the Bombay roits, govt spend lots of money on it, and wat happened? If Indian govt cant give justice to those who kills in Bombay roits then they should realease those who are in Bombay blast case. This is one side law. Means laws implement to moinority not to others. But people are awaking-up now.

Sara Khan, Bombay


Okay Kasab deserves death and he should be hanged in very worst manner but how Kasab became terrorists. Kasab became terrorists by seeing Modis rioting in Gujrat killing muslims and cutting the womb of muslim women and killing muslims and shiv sena torturing muslims in Maharastra,RSS,Togadia torturing and babri demolishing.By seeing all video graphy Kasab became terrorist,first hang the persons responsible to make Kasab a terrorist.

John, Pune


It took 18 months for our government to land up to a final judgement.Why, are we not becoming like those of zero tolerance countries...?Our government who lives only on papers & perform no action should awake now, its high time. Why is it that no strict measure are taken by the so called democratic country ? Why is that after 2 months of 26/11 german bakery blast occured..? Why is it that commaners have to suffer, jus because India has become a soft target for terrorism. Terrorist will perform their task because they believe that is there duty. But when will the government learn that there duty is to knock down these terrorist forces. Killing Kasab is not the ultimate. We will have to eradicate this disease form its root. Jai hind

Saumya Jaiswal, Lucknow


Yes, he deserves much worse than that.With mere death sentence his woos are over and those instigating from Pakistan will be forgotten and new chapters will start.He should crippled and made to live longer with all the possible hardships one can give.

V.M.Puri, India


Yes Kasab deserve it.but what about other Kasab's of Indian army.who are killing inocent kashmiri in the name of terrorism.What they deserve"Ashoke Chakere"?

Salman Khan, Srinagar


Kasab and all other terrorists should be crippledtheir hands cut off meaning to say they should be punished in the worst way possible. We want a better world for human beings terrorists are worse then devils. I dont have anywords to describe them. We have to make the world free of terror. Please see that life on earth has good and only good.

Kiran Kirpalani, Spain Malaga


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