Ulta Pulta Nitin (Gadkari)

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August 02, 2010

For those who listen to FM radio, the phrase "Ulta Pulta Nitin" may sound familiar. This is how a leading Radio Jockey of an FM radio channel introduces himself. He refers to his name that is a palindrome. However, this interesting description can be extended to politics as well, thanks to BJP president Nitin Gadkari.

He has earned this title not because of the palindrome in his first name but, because of the way he has been leading the BJP since he became the president of the party over eight months back.

Nitin Gadkari took over at the helm of the BJP from Rajnath Singh at a time when the party was facing serious internal crisis. It was still mulling over its defeat in the 2009 general elections yet again to Congress-led UPA. Serious questions began to be raised about L K Advani's leadership, who was BJP's prime ministerial candidate. Post the defeat, internal conflicts began to surface. Jaswant Singh was expelled from the party because of his pro-Jinnah comments. Then, trouble brewed from all corners like Sudheendra Kulkarni, Arun Shourie, Yaswant Singh and Vasundhara Raje. It was in the midst of this internal turmoil that a strategic decision was taken to bring in fresh blood to BJP's leadership in answer to Congress' Rahul Gandhi card. This is how Nitin Gadkari, a little known politician, came to become the president of the leading Opposition party.

Nitin Gadkari was chosen as the president because he was seen by many in the BJP as a clear thinker, an organiser and as someone who has a forward-looking attitude. This was before he was elected as the party president but, half a year down the post, he has not done much to prove his supporters right. The BJP had an excellent opportunity in the shape of Nitin Gadkari. The common man did not know much about him. He was like a clean canvas that could have been coloured in vibrant colours to improve the image of BJP. Sadly, just the opposite has happened.

Nitin Gadkari has landed himself into one controversy after another due to his loose comments. First, he drew a parallel between Narendra Modi and Mahatma Gandhi, much to the chagrin of the Congress. Then, post their defeat in the Cut Motion, Gadkari compared Mulayam Singh Yadav and Lalu Prasad Yadav to dogs that went to Congress president Sonia Gandhi's house to lick her feet. Inspite of repeated reminders from his partymen to be careful with words, he did not stop there. He went on to call Afzal Guru, the man sentenced to death in the 2001 Parliament attack case, as Congress' son-in-law. He even called Digvijay Singh, a senior Congress leader, "Aurangzeb ki aulad". These are some of the serious verbal blunders. Minor ones like 'Rajkumar' (referring to Rahul Gandhi) cease to shock anymore.

His verbal gaffes have become so common that Congress spokesman Manish Tewari now openly says that the Congress will comment on his remarks when he says something serious. One cannot blame the Congress for that because Gadkari himself has hurt his image by making loose comments again and again that has led him to being taken lightly now.

In an interview to a leading news channel, he claimed that he had controlled 80 percent of the problem of his partymen going public with their disagreements, and that he would not hesitate to take strict action against those who don't stop. Ironically, it is he who seems to be hurting the image of his party because of his big mouth.

Instead of focusing on real issues that can lead BJP to victory in the next elections, he is just talking for the sake of talking. He tried to play the card of dynasty rule in Congress, without realising that this was immaterial to the common man as proved by their voting for Congress-led government not once but twice. To the common man, he does not seem to be in control of his party or allies, as was proved by the Jharkhand fiasco. BJP under his leadership thinks that by staging bandhs, or by destroying public property, or by stalling Parliament proceedings, they may win the public vote. On the contrary, by doing this they are losing respect in the eyes of the middle-class as well that was once their stronghold and the main reason behind their 'India Shining' campaign.

What the BJP is not realising is that a party cannot win the common man's lost confidence by just opposing to everything that the UPA-II does, but by offering constructive solutions. The common man is still as unclear about what the BJP stands for now as it was before Gadkari became the party president. Many see Rahul Gandhi as Congress' next big leader but, who shall be the BJP's face is still not clear: Narendra Modi, Varun Gandhi... who else? Narendra Modi does not have much following outside Gujarat and with the Gujarat riots still hounding him, it is doubtful if he can win the Indians at large. And Varun Gandhi, seriously? The very name, brings to mind issues like cows, temples and the Ganga, or his controversial remarks like calling Sharad Pawar a 'Ravana' and Mayawati a 'Surpnakha', that do not do him much good.

BJP's regional bets like Mulayam Singh Yadav or Lalu Prasad Yadav are allying with the Congress, though this can change anytime. The likes of H D Deve Gowda or, N Chandrababu Naidu cannot be banked upon for too long in the future, then who will challenge the Congress?

It is high time that the BJP takes stock of the internal situation because it is still not too late. 2014 Lok Sabha elections are quite far off. BJP can still get its act together. There are some able leaders in the party but, their talents are not being channelised properly. It should wake up and start working for the constructive good of the country. The common man has suffered many times due to political games and upmanship. Why not let him benefit for a change? Hope the BJP does some good for the country in the hope of winning the next general elections.


Nitin Gadkari is man who bought "bot" in India. So what ever infrastructure today Puriben you are enjoying is b'coz of him. "Pradhanmantri gram sadak yojna" is his brainchild. PM & Congress cant answer his questions, so term him like this & running away from you & was supported by chaplus like you. Go and ask Congress why Posco & Vendata was scrapped ?? Because this would have created turn around in adivaasi & Congress fears of loosing its uneducated vote bank.

Mahendra Patel, Delhi


Here is another one from Nitin Gadkari. Talking about corruption in CWG and Manmohan Singh's silence on the issue, he compared the PM to Gandhiji's monkeys. By talking like this about a man of Manmohan Singh's stature, just shows who the monkey actually is.

Shobhika Puri, UP


Can't believe BJP would make him president. That is the last thing they would need to bring their party back on track :)

Ram Babu, Toronto


As aptly described, BJP president Nitin Gadkari during the past eight months of his functioning as BJP president, he has exposed himself as an immature politician. Contrary to being witty, Nitin Gadkari's remarks are generally foolish. By trying to overdo things, Gadkari lands himself in controversies, one after another. Being a blue-eyed boy of the RSS, Nitin Gadkari has caused disappointment to his mentors. What poor choice!

PP Talwar, India


I think Shobhika Puri has very well expressed her views. When politicians in India can express thier views on whom so ever they like or dislike then a common citizen can also support and express their views as they like it. I would like to say that politicians should stop dividing the nation on the basis of religion, caste & state. Kindly refer to the constitutional rights of India. The seven fundamental rights recognised by the Constitution are:

1. The right to equality
2. The right to freedom
3. The right to freedom from exploitation
4. The right to freedom of religion
5. Cultural and educational rights
6. The right to constitutional remedies
7. The right to education....

Focus on each of them to build India n not to divide India & to politicians I must say- watch your words before you speak. Because we build you & your party.

Mridula, Jampot


This is a article of Congress minded baised writing. Chaplusi ki competition mein ek aur khiladi Shobika Puri. Where is Sonia & Rahul when debate on inflation is going on in Parliament. When Vasundhara is in Delhi while gurjar andolan media highlighted prominently but now media is tight lipped. Why? Every body knows.

Cherag, Indore


Where the social em emotionle developments remain behind skilfulness will also suffer. Politicians have learned how to smell money and that is one the Indian disease.

Magic, Spain


Big talks no results this is all about Indian political parties and leaders. Not a one bit difference bunch of thieves with different dress code and accent.

Brij, New York


What the editor fails to understand is that Gadkari resembles the common man... Its not the votes of political analysts but that of the common man count...and common man is happy for someone telling the king that he is naked.

Pavan, US


I would think the other way. Instead of playing politics of grabbing power he is doing politics of self rightousness. That is what I like about him. Politically Laloo and co. says everything bad about BJP, what is wrong that by one sentence he made his point starkly clear. I understand uneducated (but literate) Yadavs would hesitate to vote for BJP taking this as an offence, but I am happy that atleast he (Nitin) can speak upto his mind unlike his peers.

Chirag Shah, Vadodara


How can any sensible person in this country can even think of Cong party to be the best of the rest and keep on uplauding them and keep in critisizing the others?? Because of this Cong, India is at such a postion that common man can't even think of anything good. If the govt. can not take care of he responsibilities given to them by the country and more over they are involved in all sort of negative activites due to which day to day has become hell, then it is time to take action by others who are patriotic to their country. Simple ans to this is to finish them for that no one can just make a mockery of our country and our people and take us for a ride.

Patriotic, Delhi


Height of parcial and one sided reporting and writing. All you can write for Mr. Gadkari becasue his surname is not Gandhi. He is not son or grand son of any former PM. He is the the true winner of Indian democracy and the internal democracy of BJP. It shows what BJP offers for this country's common man and middle calss people. People like Puri are blind folded by the glamour of Gandhi's and other so called young leaders who are nothing less then the shadow of their great grand father and fathers. Tell me one leader in Congress whos family is not in this business. I ask this question of readers also did they know AB Bajpayee's father's name. LK's fathers name. even Gadkari's fathers name ... no becasue these people are self made. They worked hard and achieved what ever they are dispite of all odds and negatives campaign by people like this writer. We have a society which salutes the last name and we need to chnage this and build a new India where people like Mayawati, Mamta, Narendra Modi, Gadkari, Nitish Kumar, Shivraj Sign Chuhan will rule and decide the future not the last names like Gandhis, Adbullahs, Lals of Harayanas and Tamilnadu. All the best Mr. Gadkari, common man of this country is with you. Move forward as you are doing we have lots of hope from you.

Shridhar, Noida


BJP party just base on killing and dividing the society in the name of religion they dont the policy and business. When they are in power they didn't even spare the shaeed of Kargil they manage to earn some from there coffin.

Khan, Hyderabad


Not a great article , u r just trying to make Congress happy. Try to write between the lines and at least praise a bit. Every politician has one good factor.

Raman Gambhir, New Delhi


Hello Mr. Zee editor, you please don't worry, the party is functioning so well and like me so many people are impressed by Nitin Gadkari, BJP has so many leader it just need an interpretor, Gadkari ji is excellent in it. He no need to be a great leader but he can be a good manager and organiser only this is needed in BJP. I think u can concentrate more on Congress because if they defeated in 2014 after that u can't see Congress in this country and more. So I think u have to worry and definitely Congress won't come to power because of there arrogant behaviour and we educated people are good in understanding the motive of media so better shutup every thing and concentrate on public welfare.

Balaraman, Chennai


The Italian mafia said "maut kaa saudagar" & that was acceptable to media. I believe the BJP is on right track. What Gadkari has said about Lalu & Mulayam is 100% true.

Sanjeev Gupta, Mumbai


Nitin Gadkari is very talented. BJP is now looking good as a opposition. Good work. Congress is so much corrupt. Manish Tiwari is just typical Congressi. Just speak on useless topic. UPA govt is not working. Rahul Gandhi is good but they can't do anything against Congress leader. There are so many corrupt politician in this govt. Good work, Nitin. Afzal Guru should be hang but still UPA govt and media showing sympathy. Don't know why.

Devesh, Mumbai


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