What If Congress Had Won In UP?

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March 20, 2012

Since the declaration of Uttar Pradesh Assembly election results, all news channels have been going agog about what the Congress party, especially Rahul Gandhi, did wrong. For the sake of change or widening of horizons, what about pondering over what Rahul Gandhi did right? By the stroke of luck, as nothing else could have explained this, what if the Congress had won in UP? What would have the news channels talked about? Even though there are not many right strategies that can been written about, here is an enterprising attempt at achieving exactly that.

Contrary to what politicians may think, voters are very smart. So, when politicians try to do some good for the society a few months before elections, the voters can see through. One thing that Rahul Gandhi did right was to start a little early. His visits to Bhatta Parsaul, eating with Dalits and such similar attempts were obviously aimed at the UP elections. However, he started his campaign earlier than the others.

Rahul Gandhi belongs to the Nehru-Gandhi family, considered to be the first family of India. However, Rahul Gandhi comes across as very down-to-earth. How many of the elite people of our country who wine and dine at five-star hotels, can eat at a poor Dalit’s house in the midst of very inhospitable conditions? Even though this may be a public relations exercise, it is a reality. This mass connect with people may have touched the right chords. Rahul made it a point to connect with the rural base that forms the bulk of voters, the young and restless voters, and the aspiring middle class.

When Rahul entered politics, he came across as very media shy and reserved. However, during the recent election campaign, people got to see a more emboldened, aggressive and media-friendly Rahul. His act of tearing Samajwadi Party’s manifesto may be theatrics but, politics requires such acts. Another striking aspect of his campaign this time was good media management and coverage that over shadowed everybody else.

Rahul like many Congressmen and many so-called next generation politicians comes across as very secular. This is one wish that most young and non-Hindu voters have and Rahul addressed their concerns.

Almost everybody including the opposition parties are talking about Rahul aspiring to be the next prime minister. However, the only persons who are not talking about this are the man himself and his family. Even during the election campaign, he repeatedly tried to project the image that he is not there for the love of power but, for the larger good of people.

Was this all that Rahul Gandhi did right in one of the most crucial elections of his life so far? Sadly, so it seems. Ironically, all the right moves that Rahul made were no great shots. They were not innovative enough for the voters to get excited about. The promises made were not any different from what the other parties promised. They lacked the conviction that the voters were looking for. It is not that people do not want to vote for Rahul. In fact, many people are looking for a reason to vote for him. Unfortunately, Rahul is not able to provide them reason enough to vote for him. This is why the media is writing him off. This is why even this article that wanted to talk about his merits, ended up talking about his pitfalls. Probably, this is why Rahul lost.


I think Rahul Gandhi may hv won few more seats in up elections... If he could hv answered properly to the youths of U.P. U peoplle may be knowing about his campaign in UP in which he was going from village to village just to ensure people that he will provide them compensation equal to the villagers of noida... But when a boy in a village asked him about all those corruptin cases against his ministers speacilly Shiela Dixit of Delhi...... U will be in strange after knowin that in rply to his ques.. "he just smiled nd changed the topic". I really think that person who is being expected to be the future P.M. of India giving such a silly ans..

Prabhat Upadhyay, Mathura

The biggest achievement of Rahul Gandhi mentioned in this article is that he is 'great enough' to be someone who wines and dines in 5 stars and can yet eat in a dalits house ..... seriously???? and is this how classist and cheap the authors mindframe is???? The next best achievements mentioned are - "he is good at thetricals" & "he does not openly say he wants to be PM" ...... If these are the best qualifications of a guy to be a politician.... especially when he had no connect with this nation and its politics till the age of 35..... was from a 5star eating background, but could not even graduate as he was thrown out of St. Stephens as well as a premier american institute..... then shame on us for thinking that a spoilt brat, with a political heritage, no connect to the country, holding Italian passport with name Raul Vinci, un-educated man can be our PM... is this the level of servitude for some people... ?????????

Swamy, Delhi

It appears to me that the present day politicians are of the view that unnaturality is more powerfull than naturality. If one sincere to serve the fellow being, is it necessary to beg him for a vote? Is power necessary to serve? If it is so, does the fellow being refuse to give it? Does the fellow being refuse his services? Certainly not. I feel the voter is thoroughly convinced of the false hopes the politicians give but because of no alternative, they vote some party or to some local leader.

G.Thulasireddy, Bangolore

I suggest that Rahul's Congress should sit in the opposition in UP assembly which will be liked by the people of UP. That is why because when the next elections come, the Congress will be the alternative for the people to be given a chance.

Krishan K Arora, Mumbai/ New Delhi

Why to consider him a leader in first place? We don't need Rahul and his family. We need real educated youths who would taken up the ranks on their credentials not because of some family name.

Atul Prakash, Chennai

Rahul -seems a good leader. Improving day by day. His hard work will never go unrewarded. Man with young & energetic mind, simple, connect to people & innovative ideas that the India as a country mostly required now.

NN, Mumbai

If we look through the situation the first thing is corruption that Congress has failed to tackle at the centre govt. & now people become much aware of the political situation & image makeover cannot do any good. Now the situation has becomed very critical & Congress has to deliever. I want to also emphasise on the fact that SP party has won the electn this time & it not performs nxt will be Mayawati party. So UP should find a way to get a new leadership which play a powerful role & for this if Rahul Gandhi understnd the need of people & do honest politics without show offs he can be that.

Rahul, Pune

Why Rahul Gandhi lost because of two reasons there was lot of anti incumbency against Congress due to high inflation, price rise, corruption one after another. He was acting like a hero but why he was silent on corruption with in the govt. he has never expressed his opinion on real issues of the country only acted as a political hero with the help of some people in the media. Indian public is now much more aware than before, fooling Indian public is not easy now as it was few years back.

Rohit, New Delhi

Yes, number has increased from , say 22 to 26 or 27.. In next assembly elections, it might well increase to 29 or 30. What an improvement.

RP Thakur, Dehradun

Well Rahul Gandhi may not have won the UP elections but the Congress has its numbers increased, I dont think he was expecting a 200 seats, but he has stroked a chord, he has evolved, and looks more matured when he speaks of the issues. He has seen success and failures, and I think he will learn from this elections and come out a winner soon. We need leaders like him and not Modi whom nobody knows out of Guj along with his dictatorship.

Meena, Calicut

One cannot win election with media hype and image building excersice. Grass roots workers are required. Even Gandhiji needed them. We do not know what Rahul stands for? Leader focused on bringing youth within Congress, trying to change political mindset? Or leader of UP or leader who wants to become PM in 2014? Rahul's objectives are not clearly defined and voters would not know what he stands for. Voters will not believe you if get up one fine day and start saying I am a leader of your state. Again it is not wise for Rahul Gandhi to become regional leader. It may hurt in long run as other state voters (specially south) will say why should we vote for leader of UP?

HC, Guj

U r absolutely right Dr Gopinath. May I add..over 200 Hindus were killed by Gujrat police in order to control riots but not a bullet was fired in ND when 2300 innocent Sikhs were butchered by Cong. goons.

Manjit, New Delhi

If 1200 Muslims were killed in Gujarat what about the 50 Hindus burnt alive by Muslims? What about the 2300 Sikhs killed by Tytler and Pilot after Indira was assasinated?

Dr Gopinath, Hyderabad

Rahul is superb leader and very kind person. Yes agreed that he lost recent election in UP but that will not impact on his personality and he will definitely will be the PM and India will grow at faster speed. Also there is wrong comparision between Rahul and Modi because we must remember that Modi is the reason of killed 1200 muslim in Gujarat.

Mahesh, Mumbai

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